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GAB Workshops  

> Looking for an activity for your book club or church group?

Try a GAB workshop!

> Would you like to attract visitors to your local history museum or bookstore?

Consider hosting a GAB workshop!

> Do you want  to increase intercultural understanding among members of your culturally diverse organization? Let’s give them an opportunity to share childhood stories and cultural traditions!

Centered on a single theme, GAB workshops introduce activities designed to help participants shed the butterflies, dig into long-forgotten memories, begin writing, and discover the fun of exchanging life vignettes. The experience of reading and hearing life-story snippets energizes participants and connects them in new ways. Workshops are a delightful way to spend a morning or afternoon and to encourage community.  They…

  • …generally last 2 to 3 hours

  • …can take place just about anywhere: in a library, bookstore, school, museum, historical society, woman’s club, faith community, country club, community center, apartment or condo clubhouse, private home, etc.

Here is a sampling of workshop themes:

  • Life-story writing: Getting started

  • Growing up in _______ (Local historical societies might use this theme to elicit remembrances from area residents)

  • Holiday memories

  • Grandparents

  • Times shared: A Love Letter to My Grandchildren (or Children)

  • Treasured Object

  • Forks in the Road

  • My Life’s Work

  • Gifts

  • Smell Memories

  • Autumn Memories

  • Faded Photo

  • If These Walls Could Talk

  • Family Traditions & Recipes


Do you have an idea for a GAB workshop that you’d like to explore?

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