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Write your story 2 pages at a time

  • Engage in memory-stimulating exercises

  • Share your story & hear others' stories

  • Work in a friendly atmosphere

  • Receive encouraging feedback

  • Learn simple writing tips

What do we do in Autobiography Workshop?

We use a program called Guided Autobiography (GAB) to help people of all ages write their life stories.  Developed by Dr. James Birren, a pioneer in the field of gerontology, GAB combines three key elements, creating a life-story writing process that immediately plunges writers into their pool of memories and propels them toward producing vibrant, heartfelt stories.  Guided Autobiography…

1)   …takes a THEMATIC APPROACH:  Assignments centering on life themes, such as Family, Branching Points and Spirituality, guide our writing.  They nudge us toward reflecting on our lives in new ways and lead us to rich, multi-layered stories.

2)   …emphasizes GETTING THE STORY DOWN: Our primary goal is to find your story and encourage it to be told. We keep the writing process manageable by limiting weekly assignments to two-page (1000-word) vignettes. We keep the memories and words flowing by quieting your internal critic. Simple writing tips are offered but there is no formal literary critique.

3)  ...includes SMALL-GROUP SHARING: Writing a life story is a daunting undertaking and it’s a challenge to maintain momentum when working alone.  So, we do it together. Each week we meet in small groups to share our stories and offer mutual encouragement.  In the process, we stay motivated and feast on a delectable smorgasbord of humorous, poignant, inspiring and courageous personal stories.

To learn more about Guided Autobiography, its benefits and its creator, Dr. James Birren, click here:

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